Two way radios for transportation & construction

Two way radios for transportation in Sweden are primarily using frequencies between 66 and 88MHz. If you are wondering which radio you need in your truck or construction machine, we offer some tips. To begin with, of course, it depends on the type of radio communication you need in the vehicle or at your work place. If you drive long routes in Sweden and want to be in contact with other drivers, it's probably the åkeririksen you need in your com radio. In that case, you can get a radio that covers 66-88MHz, where the trucking company and most of the trucking channels are located.

If you drive a lot in Europe, you should rather get a private radio or "CB radio", i.e. 27Mhz radio. In e.g. In Germany, warnings for roadworks and accidents are sent out on channel 19. This has drastically reduced the number of accidents. And did you know that with a com radio for 27MHz you can, under special conditions, talk to your friends in Sweden when you are down on the continent and driving?

If you are a road transport manager, you will probably need both a radio for 66-88MHz and one for 27MHz (the latter for foreign trucks).

If you are not sure which com radio you need for your haulage, you are most welcome to contact us at FB Radio.

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