Preparedness (or prepping) is, of course, about being prepared. In 2018, the Swedish Public Security and Preparedness Authority (MSB) sent out the brochure "If the crisis or the war comes". Since then, we have unfortunately witnessed several examples of why you should be prepared.
In this product group, we have collected items that will help you be prepared for the unexpected. It is often said that you should have a crank radio (also called an emergency radio). MSB writes in its brochure "In the event of a serious incident, you need to be able to receive important information from the authorities, above all via Sweden's Radio P4. You also need to be able to follow the media's reporting, have contact with relatives and friends and, in urgent cases, be able to reach emergency services, medical care or police."
It is therefore very important to be able to share information. But what would happen if Sveriges Radio were to be completely shut down? In such a scenario, it may actually be the case that you have to rely on information from abroad - and in that case, a so-called world radio - i.e. a portable shortwave receiver - is a good alternative. On such a radio you can listen to foreign news broadcasts from e.g. BBC.

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