Sirio WY1404N 4el yagi 140-160MHz

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Produkt Beskrivelse:
Base station antenna conceived by using an innovative feed system studied and applied to have highly symmetrical radiation pattern in both planes (E and H). It’s completely computer designed to get high performances of gain and front-to-back in the working band. All aluminium parts are protected by anodized treatment, hardware are of Stainless steel or zinc plated steel, mounting bracket is of extruded aluminium for the best strength and the connector is placed in rear position for an easily access. To increase the antenna gain please install it in stacked or bayed array.

Type: 4 elements yagi antenna
Frequency range @SWR ≤ 1.5: WY 140-4N: 140-160 MHz
Impedance: 50Ω
Radiation (H-plane): beamwidth @ -3 dB = 100° @ center freq.
Radiation (E-plane): beamwidth @ -3 dB = 65° @ center freq.
Front to back ratio: ≥ 16 dB
Polarization: linear vertical or horizontal
Gain: 6.35 dBd - 8.5 dBi
Max. Power (CW) @ 30°C: 200 Watts
Grounding protection: All metal parts are DC-grounded, the inner conductor shows a DC short
Connector: N-female with rubber protection cap

Materials: Anodized 6063-T5 Aluminium, EPDM rubber, thermoplastic UV stabilized, Chromed brass
Wind load / resistance: 147 N @ 150 Km/h / 140 Km/h
Wind surface: 0.119 m²
Dimensions (L x W approx.): WY 140-4N: 1600 x 1085 mm
Weight (approx.): WY 140-4N: 2070 gr
Tourning radius: WY 140-4N: 1540 mm
Operating temperature: -40° C to +60° C
Mounting mast: Ø 35-52 mm

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